Mnazi Mmoja was built and began providing health services before 1923. It is the main referral hospital of Zanzibar and it has a bed capacity of 586 spread over three campuses.
Diagnostic Service including - Medical Imaging Equipment CT Scan available in MnaziMmoja Refferal Hospital
New MnaziMMoja Hospital Building
Laboaratory service also available in Mnazi MMoja Refferal Hospital

Outpatient Services

The outpatient department provides diagnosis and care for patients that do not need to stay overnight,The hospital is now running 25 out patient’s clinics including the ENT, Gynecology, General Surgery, Urology, Neurosurgery, Diabetic, Hypertensive, Sicklier, General Pediatric, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Cardiac, Obstetric, Emergency, General Medical OPD, EYE, Physiotherapy, OPD, Dental, Adult Cardiac, Fast Track, Psychiatric and others

Inpatient Services

Patients who are very sick and requires hospitalization are admitted and receive inpatient services. In patient services including diagnosis and treatment of illness, hostel, and catering services

Mental Health

In 1998 the Zanzibar MOH commissioned a research to study situation of the provision of mental health services in the country. The outcome of the study went to develop Mental Health and Substance Abuse Policy, Mental Health Legislation Act and Zanzibar Psychiatry council.


Neurosurgery Department opened in 2014 with the support NED of Spain. The department provide compassionate care of outstanding clinical results. Since its opening more than 2000 surgeries has been performed. The surgeries otherwise had to be done outside of Zanzibar.

Welcome Note

Mnazi Mmoja Hospital is the main referral hospital for Zanzibar. It has a bed capacity of 776 spread over three campuses. The main campus, MMH, located in Stone Town, has 630 beds. Mwembeladu Maternity Home has 36 beds and Kidongo Chekundu Mental Hospital 110 beds. Both the maternity and mental hospitals are located within the city limits of Stone Town but outside of the downtown area.

While it provides specialty care to all of Zanzibar, MMH chiefly operates as a primary and secondary level hospital for the island of Unguja, especially the North B, West, Urban, and Central populations all of which lack adequate access to cottage or district hospitals. About 95% of all outpatients at the hospital are self-referrals and only about one third from the Urban District, making the Hospital largely a primary health care facility. Hospital attends average of 74, 975 outpatients 27,185 inpatients and 12,658 deliveries per year.


The MMH was established according to Act no 3 of 2016  to Establish Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Section 4(1) stipulates the functions of the Hospital. They can be summarized to the following mandates;

  1. Undertake Medical Care of Patients in Accordance with Professional Ethics.
  2. Offer Tertiary Services
  3. Be a Center  of learning and  Research
  4. Perform Health Promotion and Patient Social Welfare Services.
  5. Provide rehabilitation services

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