The Planning and Finance Department is one of the eight Directorates established by law no.3 of 2016 for the establishment of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. This department has been officially operating since July 2017 headed by the acting Director of Planning and Finance.

The Directorate has a total of three main units including the Planning unit, the accounting unit and the procurement and disposal unit of Government assets. Within these units are subdivided into smaller sub-units due to differences in operational responsibilities.


This Directorate is responsible for addressing all issues related to Planning and Finance with a view to enhancing the availability of funds and its continuity and preventing the misuse of Hospital funds.

It also ensures the existence of good plans and their implementation in line with the monthly cashflow to enhance the provision of quality health services.


  • To develop and manage hospital plans
  • To develop and manage hospital budget.
  • To organize and manage revenue collections.
  • Prepare and submit various reports including the Bango Kitita for the Office of the President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, House of Representatives, Advisory Board etc.
  • Organize various leadership meetings including Hospital Advisory Board meeting


A total of 17 employees are in this Directorate; five (5) men and eleven (11) women.


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